Welcome to our Live Streaming studio in Singapore.

Virtual Live Streaming Technology

The only limit is your imagination

Virtual production is a groundbreaking set of technologies revolutionising content creation, advertising and film production.

For the first time, technology is allowing filmmakers and creatives to shoot the impossible, bridging the gap between imagination and technical reality. Costly set builds, location shooting and visual FX can be re-thought and re-imagined.

This means that we can produce  virtual events, tv-productions or film incorporated with high end photorealistic 3D graphics directly from our 6×12 meter green screen cyclorama.



Live Streaming Presentation in an office environment

A fully fitted virtual office environment for webinar and webcast.

Product Launch Live Streaming

A showcase of our work for this virtual event

Keynote Live streaming

We don’t know what could be cooler than playing guitar in front of a giant wall of amplifiers